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Gallery - 2...
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Spike Robinson (mid 1980s)
Drum stars Allan Ganley and Jack Parnell (1950s)
Duncan Lamont
Vic Ash Quintet (1959) with Ian Hamer, Spike Heatley, Dave Pearson, Alan Branscombe and Vic Ash. Above: An early picture of Vic Ash.
Jack Fallon and Joe Muddel Tubby Hayes (early 1950s) Jimmy Deuchar recording session Jimmy Deuchar recording session
Jack Fallon and Joe Muddel (late 1940s) - Tubby Hayes (early 1950s) - Jimmy Deuchar, Tubby Hayes, Ken Wray and Derek Humble (1955)
Terry Shannon (1959)
Terry Shannon (1959)
In 1959 a nine piece group titled 'Vic Lewis and His Group' recorded one side of an LP under the title 'Leonard Feather presents...Jazz from two sides' for the Concept label, presumably for the American market. Musicians from left to right: Ronnie Ross, Roy East, Ronnie Scott, Bill Sutcliffe, George Chisholm, Eddie Blair and Les Condon...
Tubby Hayes New Quintet (c1963) with Jimmy Deuchar (trumpet), Tubby Hayes (tenor and vibes), Allan Ganley (drums) and Frddy Logan (bass).
Gordon Beck (piano) is not shown.

George Chisholm

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