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Gallery - 7...
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From the Bix Curtis Archive - courtesy of Tony Middleton

Jack Parnell & his Music Makers (c1951) - Picture source: Russell Sedgwick
(The personnel of the band varied in the early years but at various times included many hard-line jazzmen including Jo Hunter, Albert Hall,Jimmy Watson, Jimmy Deuchar, Mac Minshull, Ken Wray, Derek Humble, Ronnie Scott, Pete King, Harry Klein, Joe Temperley and Sammy Stokes.)

Jack Parnell's drum battles with Phil Seamen (left) were a show stopping highlight of the band's show. Picture source - Tony Middleton

Vic Lewis was another major big band leader from the 1930's to the '60s

Jack Parnell c1953. Picture source - Tony Middleton

100 Club, 1974: Kenny Baker, Tony Archer and Tommy Whittle

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