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Ron Simmonds...
Born in Canada in 1928 he came to the UK with his parents in 1936 and began playing the trumpet from 1946. After demobilisation from the RAF in 1949 he began to play with the top bands of the day including Tommy Sampson, Leon Roy, Oscar Rabin, Vic Lewis and had a long spell with Jack Parnell, also Ted Heath and John Dankworth.
In 1963 he moved to Munich in Germany and besides working with the top European bands guested with US bands such as Lionel Hampton, Stan Kenton and Oliver Nelson. He ran his own small group in Germany from 1974 until 1994 as well being active as a journalist, playwright, composer and lyricist and arranger.
He moved to Spain in semi-retirement in 1995 where he remained until his death in 2005.
He was never a noted jazz player but was recognised as one of the finest lead trumpet players in the world and was much in demand by the big bands of Europe and the US and had always free-lanced extensively in that capacity. He developed a very popular website that covers US, European as well as British jazz and it is still available on the web.
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