Victor Feldman in America...
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Victor Feldman in America...
Victor Feldman Victor Feldman's recording career in America ran from 1957 to 1986 and he recorded in all types of settings. Some of the latter recordings may be regarded as fringe jazz as his work became increasingly exotic with electronic instruments and exotic percussion. Full details are given of recordings currently available on CD in the UK at the time of writing (May 2009). Brief details of other LPs made under his own name are listed although the list is probably incomplete. Sessions where he appeared in a group led by somebody else are not shown... Victor Feldman London discography...

Victor Feldman and others - USA, c1957 (Vibes to the power of three - Top Rank 30/007)
Victor Feldman, Terry Gibbs, Larry Bunker (vib), Lou Levy (p), Max Bennett (b), Mel Lewis (d).
10 titles (details not known).
(*VSOP CD - Jazz Band Ball - vol 2)

Victor Feldman Quartet / Sextet - Los Angeles, USA, September, 1957 (Mallets a fore thought - Mole MO120 (US))
Frank Rosolino (tb-1), Harold Land (ts-1), Victor Feldman (vib), Carl Perkins (p), Leroy Vinnegar (b), Stan Levey (d).
Evening In Paris (1)*/Chart Of My Heart (1)*/Wilbert's Tune (1)*/Fidelius*/Sweet And Lovely*/Squeeze Me*/Bass Reflex*.
(*VSOP CD - On Vibes)

This album was released in the UK on the Vogue - Contemporary label catalogue no. 12172...
Victor Feldman Trio - Los Angeles, USA, January 21st and 22nd, 1957 (The arrival of Victor Feldman - Contemporary (US))
Victor Feldman (vib,p), Scott LaFaro (b), Stan Levey (d).
Serpents Tooth*/Waltz*/Chasing Shadows*/Flamingo*/S'posin'*/Bebop*/There Is No Greater Love*/Too Blue*/Minor Lament*/Satin Doll*.
(*OJC-Contemporary CD - The arrival of Victor Feldman)
(*Avid 2 CD set - Victor Feldman: Four Classic Albums)
> (*Real Gone Jazz 4CD box set - Victor Feldman Eight Classic Albums)

Victor Feldman and his Orchestra - Los Angeles, USA, March 2nd, 1959 (Latinville - Contemporary M5005 (US))
Conte Candoli (tp), Frank Rosolino (tb), Walter Benton (ts,timb), Victor Feldman (vib), Vince Guaraldi (p), Scott LaFaro (b), Stan Levey (d) + bgo and cga.
Cuban Love Song*/Woody'n You*/Poinciana*/Spain*.
(*Contemporary CD - Latinsville)

March 3rd, 1959 (Latinville - Contemporary M5005 (US))
Frank Rosolino and Stan Levey out.
The Gypsy*/In A Little Spanish Town*.
(*Contemporary CD - Latinsville)

March 20th, 1959 (Latinville - Contemporary M5005 (US))
Al McKibbon replaces Scott LaFaro.
South Of The Border*/Flying Down to Rio*.
(*Contemporary CD - Latinsville)

May 4th, 1959 (Latinville - Contemporary M5005 (US))
Victor Feldman (vib), Andy Thomas (p), Tony Reyes (b) + perc.
Fiesta*/She's A Latin From Manhattan*/Cuban Pete*.
(*Contemporary CD - Latinsville)

Many of the albums from 1960 onwards were never released in the UK and are not currently available in the UK in any format. A few have been released in the US on CD and some of the original LPs do sometimes appear for sale on the ebay auction website...

In the early 1960s the US Infinity label recorded an LP titled A taste of honey and a taste of bossa nova. Comprising several groups the collective personnel included: Victor Feldman (p,vib), Clifford Scott, Buddy Collette (fl,ts), Laurindo Almeida (g), Nino Tempo (ts).

In December 16th, 1960 and January 6th and 11th, 1961 the US Riverside label recorded an LP titled Merry olde soul. Of the nine tracks five are by a duo comprising Feldman on piano accompanied by Sam Jones (b). On the other tracks when Feldman plays vibes the group becomes a trio with the addition of Hank Jones (p).
(*Real Gone Jazz 4CD box set - Victor Feldman Eight Classic Albums)

In 1962 the US Infinity label recorded a quartet album. The title of the album is believed to be Victor Feldman quartet and the group was: Buddy Collette (ts,f), Victor Feldman (p), Leroy Vinnegar (b), Ron Jefferson (d).

In September, 1962 the US World Pacific label recorded a trio LP titled Stop the world I want to get off. The trio personnel was: Victor Feldman (p,vib), Bob Whitlock (b), Lawrence Marable (d).

Many of Victor Feldman's albums were recorded on more than one date with different groups of musicians. On October 26th and November 12th, 1962 the US Ava label recorded an LP titled Soviet jazz themes. Three titles were recorded on each date. The first date personnel was: Nat Adderley (cnt), Harold Land (ts), Victor Feldman (vib), Joe Zawinul (p), Bob Whitlock (b), Frank Butler (d). For the november date Carmell Jones (tp) replaced Adderley, and Herb Ellis (g) replaced Zawinul.

In March 1963 the US Ava label recorded a trio LP titled Vic Feldman Trio. According to Lord's Discography the trio was made up of: Victor Feldman (vib), Bob Whitlock (b), Frank Butler (d).
(Larry Henifin adds further information as follows: "title is Victor Feldman All-Stars on the Original Sound Track of David & Lisa An Unusual Love Story / Jazz Impressions of David & Lisa with the Victor Feldman All-Stars. The motion picture was released in 1962 & the album was released in 1962 or 1963. The album lists the drummer as Colin Bailey. The tracks are: Theme from David & Lisa / David & Lisa's Love Song / Paree, Paree, Paree. This is solid jazz.")

In November 1964 the US Vee Jay label recorded another trio LP titled It's a wonderful world. The trio comprised: Victor Feldman (p,vib), Monte Budwig (b), Colin Bailey (d). Bill Perkins (f) was added for two tracks.

Victor Feldman did not record another album under his name until 1966. In the period 1966 to 1967 he recorded two albums for the US label Pacific Jazz. The first Everything in sight featured Feldman playing piano and a collection of instruments not usually used in jazz recording session such as jawbone, squeak sticks and sand blocks. It is difficult to know who this kind of record is made for. The second album was The Venezuela Joropo by Victor Feldman and his Orchestra. Again the instrumentation is not typical jazz and includes marimba and electric harpsichord as well as assorted percussion and harp...

There was a six year gap before Feldman recorded another group. In 1973 the US Choice label recorded a quartet LP titled Your smile. The quartet was made up of: Tom Scott (f,as,ts) Victor Feldman (p,vib,perc), Chuck Domanico (b), John Guerin (d).

In January 1977 Feldman recorded The artful dodger for Concord Jazz. This was the piano trio format and included a couple of tracks where he played the electric piano. Unusually for a Feldman record he did not play the vibes. Jack Sheldon was added for one track...

On December 4th 1977 the US Cohearant Sound label recorded an LP titled In my pocket by a sextet led by Victor Feldman. The sextet comprised: Hubert Laws (f), Victor Feldman (p,el-p), Fred Tackett (g), Chuck Domanico (b,el-b), Harvey Mason (d), Eddie Karam (marimba). Again, Feldman did not play vibes. He was now using the electric piano in place of it...

On October 5th and 6th, 1978 the Japanese label Yupiteru recorded an LP in Glendale, California titled Together again by a trio comprising of: Victor Feldman (p), Monte Budwig (b), Shelly Manne (d). The resulting record was only released in Japan...

Sometime in 1981 the US label Palo Altorecorded the first album by a band that included Victor Feldman and his sons Jake and Trevor. The album was titled Soft shoulder and the group called Generation Band comprised: Ernie Watts (sop,f), Tom Scott (reeds), Victor Feldman (p), Robben Ford (el-g), Jake Feldman (el-b), Trevor Feldman (d).

Victor Feldman made six more albums in the period to 1986. By now the type of music played had moved well away from that remembered by Feldman's followers in London from the mid 1950s. These albums reflect his ideas on the use of electronic instruments and he often plays a number of different instruments as well as various percussion instruments. Other multi instrumentalists including Tom Scott feature on most of the albums. Trevor Feldman plays drums on all titles, three of which are by Feldman's Generation Band...

1982 - Secret of the Andes for the Japanese label Victor...
1983 - To Chopin with love is a piano trio disc for the Good vibes label...
1984 - Call of the wild by the Generation Band for the TBA label...
1984 - Fiesta for the Palo Alto label by an eleven piece ensemble including many instruments, vocal and choir...
1985 - High Visibility for the TBA label by "Victor Feldman's Generation Band". A seven piece multi instrumental group...
1986 - Generation Band for the TBA label by "Victor Feldman's Generation Band". Again there is a multi instrumental group...

Victor Feldman Trio A live recording made in April, 1987 at the "Four Queens Hotel" in Las Vegas, USA. The trio was recorded for an NPR radio broadcast but only some of the music recorded was used in the broadcast. The session has never been released commercially and was recorded only a month before Feldman's death - this could well be his last recording. It is a marvellous, virtuoso performance by one of Britain's best ever jazz musicians.
(These titles have never been re-issued in CD format but are available on CD via this website...)

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