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Gordon Beck c1960 Born in 1935 pianist Gordon Beck trained as a draughtsman / designer in an engineering firm in Hounslow before emigrating to Canada. By 1955 he had become interested in jazz piano listening to George Shearing and Dave Brubeck. Although he had studied classical piano in his last three years at grammar school he had hardly played at all since then and had not had the usual dance band and gig experience that most young musicians had experienced.
He was back in England at the end of 1957 and his jazz progress was rapid. Early in his career he had immersed himsef in the work of Bill Evans and Evans remained the major influence in his playing throughout his career. He became an instant hit at Ronnie Scott's in the dying years of the "jazz boom" with the bands of Vic Ash/Harry Klein, Bobby Wellins/Ken Wray, Tony Crombie, Tony Kinsey and Bert Courtley. In 1962 he joined Tubby Hayes who rated him very highly and he became Tubby's first choice pianist. This did not provide full time work and Beck played with Tony Kinsey's Quintet from 1963 to 1965 plus commercial studio work, and for a time was MD to the pop singer Susan Maugham. Formed his own trio in 1965, and worked occasionally with Harry South's big band. He met with considerable success with his trio and due to prior commitments was often unable to work with Tubby Hayes although he played in Tubby's big band whenever possible. He started to record with his own trio in 1967 and these albums proved popular enough to lead to more, although often with long periods between. In 1968 he was with Ronnie Scott's Octet.

In 1969 he was called to join Phil Wood's European Rhythm Machine. His trio had backed US alto sax man Phil Woods at Ronnie Scott's in 1966/67 and both were impressed with the others abilities. So when the opportunity arose 'Phil called the only other pianist in Europe who could fill the chair'. The group lasted another three and a half years and Beck was elevated to VIP status. This band was successful in Europe and America and Beck's playing was highly praised, but on a three week stay at Ronnie Scott's the group made little impression, playing to relatively small audiences. When the group ended in 1972 Beck formed his own group Gyroscope which lasted until 1975 but when that finished he was back to square one - 'thinking of packing it all in'. A highly technical musician he needed people of similar calibre around him and inevitably he drifted back into the studios.

He had been involved with Ian Carr's group Nucleus, recording with them in 1973 and 1974. In 1973 Carr wrote of him:
"Gordon seems to be in a constant state of despair about the selfishness and depravity of human nature, the sickness of consumer society, the frailty of the whole economic structure of the West and it's apparent imminent collapse. Whatever disaster might fall any man at any moment you can be sure that it will have been imagined by Gordon Beck. And yet, as soon as he starts to play the piano, he gives the lie to his own gloom, because his playing is full of joy - is, in fact, a celebration of being alive. The brilliant and unquenchable flow of ideas and the superabundant technique express nothing less than jubilation."

In 1978 he began to record for the French labels A1 and JMS and achieved success with multi track recording. Beck was active in jazz education during the 1970s and 1980s and continued to work with a trio during 1980s and 1990s including accompanying Helen Merrill on an occasional basis between 1984 and 1994.
He toured the US and then Japan again in 1985 with guitarist Allan Holdsworth. In the 1990s he worked extensively in Europe often in a duo or trio situation and became a featured musician at jazz festivals, and continued to record into the 2000s. Illness ended his playing career around 2005/6 and he died on November 6th, 2011 at Ely in Cambridgeshire.

In April, 2018 Turtle Records released a 3 CD set of previously unavailable recordings made in the period 1964 - 1984 which capture his various groups playing a variety of some well-known compositions plus a large number of Gordon Beck originals. The estate of Gordon Beck granted access to his own archive of analogue tape recordings which included various live performances over a 20 year period. None had been released before. They chronicle a peak period of creativity and performance by Gordon involving key line ups of his groups with musicians including a who’s who of British Jazz: Jeff Clyne, Johnny Butts, Ron Mathewson, John McLaughlin, Tony Oxley, Kenny Wheeler, Ray Warleigh, Chris Pyne, Frank Ricotti.
MOB 1975 / 1976
From the 1970s Gordon Beck made a number of records/cds for European record labels that were never released in the UK. These have been included but not detailed in the listing below...

Tony Crombie Orchestra - August, 1961 (Ember EMB3336)
Harold McNair (as,f), Tommy Whittle (bs,b-cl), Gordon Beck (p), Malcolm Cecil (b), Tony Crombie (d).
Gut Bucket*#^+/Just Like Old Times*+/Keep It Light*/Look For The Real Thing*/Flute Salad*/Brazilia*^/Penthouse Party*/Journey's End*. (#Another title Sadie's Song which appears to be by the same group also appears on the Ember Tribute CD)
(#Ember CD - Tony Crombie - A Tribute)
(^Fantastic Voyage 2 CD set - Ember Jazz - The Flamingo Connection)
(*Fantastic Voyage CD - Whole Lota Tony)
(*Real Gone Jazz CD - Tony Crombie: Seven Classic Albums plus bonus EP)
(+Acrobat CD - British Modern Jazz Singles, EP tracks & Rarities 1960 - 62)

Tony Crombie Orchestra - August, 1961 (Ember EMB3336)
Harold McNair (as,f), Bobby Wellins (ts), Gordon Beck (p), Malcolm Cecil (b), Tony Crombie (d).
Yodelin'*#/Stop That Man#/Round the 'Ouses#/The Gang Busters#.
(*Fantastic Voyage 2 CD set - Ember Jazz - The Flamingo Connection)
(#Fantastic Voyage CD - Whole Lota Tony)
(#Real Gone Jazz CD - Tony Crombie: Seven Classic Albums plus bonus EP)

In October, 2009 Gearbox Records released a limited edition vinyl 12" LP of a 1962 BBC Jazz for Moderns broadcast. This has never been available commercially before...
The Tubby Hayes Band - February 21st, 1962 (Gearbox GB1502)
Tubby Hayes (ts,vib), with: Bobby Pratt, Eddie Blair, Jimmy Deuchar (tp), Keith Christie (tb), Ken Wray (v-tb), Johnny Scott, Bob Efford, Vic Ash, Harry Klein (reeds), Alan Civil (frh), David Snell (harp), Gordon Beck (p), Freddy Logan (b), Allan Ganley (d).
Take Your Partners For The Blues/Peace/Souriya/Down In The Village/Early Morning Afterthoughts.

the New Tubby Hayes Quintet - BBC "Jazz Session" broadcast recorded March 5th, 1962
Tubby Hayes (ts,ss,vib), Jimmy Deuchar (tp), Gordon Beck (p), Freddie Logan (b), Allan Ganley (d).
New Edition*/My Man's Gone Now*/Cool*/In The Night*/Quota*.
(*Acrobat 2 CD set - Tubby Hayes: New Edition - Rare Radio Recordings 1958-62)

The New Tubby Hayes Quintet with David Snell - Spring , 1962
Tubby Hayes (ss), David Snell (harp), Gordon Beck (p), Freddie Logan (b), Allan Ganley (d).
In The Night*.
(*Acrobat 3CD set - Tubby Hayes - Without A Song (Rare Live recordings 1954-73)

Tubby Hayes Quintet - May 17th/18th, 1962 (Fontana)
Tubby Hayes (ts,vib), Jimmy Deuchar (tp), Gordon Beck (p), Freddie Logan (b), Allan Ganley (d).
Half A Sawbuck*/Angel Eyes*/The Sausage Scraper*/My Man's Gone Now*/Yeah*/Quintet Theme*.
(*Universal CD - Late Spot At Scott's)
(*Proper Records 4CD Box set - Tubby Hayes: Little Giant Steps)

Tubby Hayes Quintet - May 17th/18th, 1962 (Fontana)
Tubby Hayes (ts,vib), Jimmy Deuchar (tp), Gordon Beck (p), Freddie Logan (b), Allan Ganley (d).
Johnny One Note*/The Most Beautiful Girl In The World*/Quintet Theme*/Down In The Village*#/First Eleven*/Quintet Theme*.
(*Universal CD - Down In The Village)
(*Proper Records 4CD Box set - Tubby Hayes: Little Giant Steps)
(#Acrobat CD - The Very Best of Tubby Hayes)

Annie Ross with The Tony Kinsey Quintet - November/December, 1962 (Transatlantic Xtra 1049)
Annie Ross (vcl) acc. by Les Condon (tp), Peter King (ts), Gordon Beck (p), Brian Brocklehurst (b), Tony Kinsey (d). (Other musicians were added on various tracks).
Bellini/The Ballad Of The Water And the Flame/The Ass' Song/The Liberal Man/Johnny/Sick Man/Things/He/Go to the Wall/The Ballad Of The Ape And The Judge/The General/Western Ladies.

Tony Kinsey Quintet - March 7th/9th, 1963 (Decca SKL4534)
Les Condon (tp), Peter King (ts), Gordon Beck (p), Kenny Napper (b), Tony Kinsey (d).
How to Succeed...*/Happy To Keep His Dinner Warm*/I Believe In You*/Coffee Break*/Been A Long Day*/Ciderella Darling*/Paris Original*/Grand Old Ivy*/A Secretary Is Not A Toy*/Brotherhood Of Man*/Love From A Heart Of Gold*/The Company Way*.
(*Vocalion CD - How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying/Time Gentlemen Please)

Tubby Hayes Quintet - cMay, 1963 (Fontana TF397)
Tubby Hayes (ts,vib-2), Jimmy Deuchar (tp), Gordon Beck (p), Freddie Logan (b), Allan Ganley (d).
Sally/I Believe In You(2).

Tubby Hayes Quartet - December 11th, 1965 (Ronnie Scott Club)
Tubby Hayes (ts), Gordon Beck (p), Jeff Clyne (b), Johnny Butts (d).
By Myself#.
(#Harkit CD - Tubby Hayes Live in London)

Harry South Big Band - January 25th, 1966 (Presenting the Harry South Big Band - Mercury 20081MCL)
Ian Hamer, Hank Shaw, Les Condon, Albert Hall (tp), Ian Carr (tp,fl-hrn), Rik Kennedy, Chris Smith, Keith Christie, Bill Geldard (tb), Roy Willox, Alan Branscombe (as,fl), Ronnie Scott, Dick Morrissey (ts), Tubby Hayes (ts,fl), Pete King (bs), Gordon Beck (p), Phil Bates (b), Phil Seamen (d), HarrySouth (ldr).
Costa Fortuna/Last Orders/Afterthought/Alone Together.

Harry South Big Band - January 26th, 1966 (Presenting the Harry South Big Band - Mercury 20081MCL)
Ian Hamer, Hank Shaw, Les Condon, Greg Bowen (tp), Ian Carr (tp,fl-hrn), Johnny Marshall, Chris Smith, Keith Christie, Gibb Wallace (tb), Roy Willox, Alan Branscombe (as,fl), Ronnie Scott, Dick Morrissey (ts), Bob Efford (ts,fl), Harry Klein (bs), Gordon Beck (p), Phil Bates (b), Phil Seamen (d), Harry South (ldr).
Six To One Bar/Lush Life/There And Back/North Of The Soho Border.

Harry South Big Band - c1966/7 (Retrospect through 21 years of BBC Jazz Club - Philips SBL7869)
Greg Bowen, Derek Watkins, Tony Fisher, Hank Shaw (tp), Keith Christie, Brian Perrin, Clarrie Baines, Cliff Hardie (tb), Alan Branscombe, Tony Coe, Tubby Hayes, Ronnie Scott, Dick Morrissey, Harry Klein (reeds), Gordon Beck (p), Phil Bates (b), Bill Eyden (d), Harry South (ldr).
Newtyme Waltz/Storm Warning.

Tubby Hayes and his Orchestra - May 10th and 12th, 1966 (100% Proof - Fontana TL5410)
Kenny Baker, Ian Hamer, Greg Bowen, Les Condon, Kenny Wheeler (tp), Keith Christie, Nat Peck, Johnny Marshall, Chris Smith (tb), Roy Willox, Ray Warleigh (as,fl), Ronnie Scott (ts,fl), Tubby Hayes (ts,fl,vib), Bob Efford (ts,oboe,fl,b-cl), Ronnie Ross (bs,b-cl), Gordon Beck (p), Jeff Clyne (b), Ronnie Stephenson (d).
Night In Tunisia*/Milestones*/Sonnymoon For Two*/Bluesology*.
(*Impressed Repressed CD - 100% Proof)

Tubby Hayes and his Orchestra - May 13th, 1966 (100% proof - Fontana TL5410)
Personnel as May 10th, 1966 except Harry Klein (bs) and Johnny Butts (d) replace Ronnie Ross and Ronnie Stephenson.
Nutty*/100% Proof*.
(*Impressed Repressed CD - 100% Proof)

The record below is a BBC Jazz Club session recorded live at the Paris Studios in London and broadcast on "The Jazz Scene" on the 27th March, 1966. The Gearbox vinyl LP was not released until 2013, forty seven years later...
Ronnie Scott Quintet - 1966 (Ronnie Scott Quintet featuring Alan Skidmore - Gearbox vinyl GB1514)
Ronnie Scott, Alan Skidmore (ts), Gordon Beck (p) Jeff Clyne (b), Johnny Butts (d).
Oleo*/1612 Overture*/Where Are You?*/Soneymoon For Two*/A Night In Tunisia*
(*Gearbox vinyl - Ronnie Scott Quintet featuring Alan Skidmore)

The four titles below and form part of an album that includes other titles by the Georgie Fame Band and Quintet and the Harry South Big Band...
Georgie Fame Quintet - c1967 (The two faces of Fame - CBS63018)
Georgie Fame (vcl,org,g), Peter King (ts), Gordon Beck (p), Jeff Clyne (b), Terry Oxley (d).
You're Driving Me Crazy/C'est La Vie/It Could Happen To You/Do It The Hard Way.

In 1967 Gordon was asked to record the first records under his own name for the Major Minor label. There was two commercial jazz albums Doctor Doolittle... and Half a Jazz Sixpence hoping to cash in on the success of Andre Previn's 'My Fair Lady'. They were successful enough to enable him to do an album more to his own liking, using what had become the house trio at Ronnie Scott's - himself, Jeff Clyne and Tony Oxley...
Gordon Beck Trio - December, 1967 (Doctor Doolittle Loves Jazz - Major Minor MMLP8)
Gordon Beck (p), Kenny Baldock (b), Jackie Dougan (d).
My Friend the Doctor/I've Never Seen Anything Like It/At The Crossroads/Talk To The Animals/Doctor Doolittle/When I Look In Your Eyes/After Today/I Think I Love You/Beautiful Things.

Gordon Beck Trio - December, 1967 (Half ASixpence - Major Minor MMLP22)
Gordon Beck (p), Kenny Baldock (b), Jackie Dougan (d).
Half A Sixpence/Money To Burn/I Know What I Am/The Race Is On/This Is My World/If The Rain's Got To Fall/Long Ago/She's Too Far Above Me/Flash, Bang, Wallop.

Gordon Beck Trio with John McLaughlin - December 7th, 1967 (Experiments With Pops - Major Minor MMLP21)
Gordon Beck (p), John McLaughlin (g), Jeff Clyne (b), Tony Oxley (d).
These Boots Are Made For Walking*/Norwegian Wood*/Sunny (p solo)*/Up, Up And Away*/Michelle*/I Can See For Miles*/Good Vibrations*/Monday, Monday*.
(*Art of Life CD - Experiments with Pops)

Terry Smith - August 22nd,1968 (Fall out - Philips SBL7871)
Terry Smith (g) acc by: Kenny Wheeler, Greg Bowen, Les Condon (tp), Don Lusher (tb), Ray Warleigh (f,as), Bob Efford (ts), Ronnie Ross (bs), Gordon Beck (p), Jim Lawless (vib), Ron Mathewson (b), Ronnie Stephenson (d), Denis Lopez (perc), Jimmy Deuchar (arr).
My Man's Gone Now*/I Love You*/Harry's Theme*/Early Morning Groove*/Fall Out*.
(*Sunbeam CD - Fall out)

The 'Gyroscope' album was regarded as far and away Beck's best record to date...'Jazz Journal' regarded it as an "astonishingly mature group, with a complete mastery of of every contemporary device which had been absorbed into the mainstream of modern jazz playing"...
Gordon Beck Trio - September 28th, 1968 (Gyroscope - Morgan MJ1)
Gordon Beck (p), Jeff Clyne (b), Tony Oxley (d).
Gyroscope*/Clusters*/Suite No 1*/Miss T. Flying*/Sincerity*/And Still She Is With Me*/Oxus*.
(*Art of Life CD - Gyroscope)

A short lived octet that Ronnie Scott led for a few months in 1968 that many feel never reached it's full potential...
Ronnie Scott and the Band - October 25th and 26th, 1968 (Realm 52661, #also CBS 63742)
Realm LP titled "Live" at Ronnie Scott's.....CBS titled "Ten years at Ronnie Scott's".
Kenny Wheeler (tp,flhn), Chris Pyne (tb), Ray Warleigh (as,fl), Ronnie Scott (ts), John Surman (bs,sop), Gordon Beck (p,org), Ron Mathewson (b), Kenny Clare, Tony Oxley (d).
Ricorda Me#*/King Pete*/Second Question*/Marmasita*/Too Late, Too Late*#/Lord Of The Reedy River*/Macumba*/May Day*/Sweet Day*/Quiet Nights*/Hank's Tune*.
(*Sony CD - Live at Ronnie Scott's)

Terry Smith - October 28th,1968 (Fall out - Philips SBL7871)
Kenny Wheeler (tp,flhrn), Tony Fisher, Derek Watkins (tp), Don Lusher (tb), Roy Willox, Ray Warleigh (f,as), Bob Efford (ts), Gordon Beck (p), Jim Lawless (vib), Terry Smith (g), Ron Mathewson (b), Ronnie Stephenson (d), Peter Aherne (perc), Harry South (arr).
Morning Minor*/The Look Of Love*/Windows Of The World*.
(*Sunbeam CD - Fall out)

Ray Warleigh - November 26th, 1968 (First album - Philips SBL788)
Ray Warleigh (as), Gordon Beck (p), Dave Goldberg (g), Kenny Napper (b), Ronnie Stephenson (d), + string section.
The Look Of Love*/Dindi*/Once I Loved*/Lover Man*.
(*Sunbeam CD - Ray Warleigh's first album)

Ray Warleigh - December 13th, 1968 (First album - Philips SBL788)
Ray Warleigh (as), Gordon Beck (p), George Kish (g), Kenny Napper (b), Terry Cox (d), + string section.
'Round Midnight*/Last Night When We Were Young*/You're Gonna Hear From Me*/Someone To Light Up My Life*.
(*Sunbeam CD - Ray Warleigh's first album)

The record detailed below was recorded in Milan in 1972 for the oddly named Dire label. This Italian record was not released in the UK but it is now available in the UK on CD...
Jazz Trio - 1972 (Jazz Trio - Dire F0341)
Gordon Beck (p), Ron Mathewson (b), Daniel Humair (d).
Suite 5 (three movements)*/All In The Morning (two movements)*.
(*Art of Life CD - Jazz Trio)

Gordon Beck and others - April 27th, 1974 (Will Power: A Shakespeare Birthday Celebration In Music - Argo ZDA 164/165)
Kenny Wheeler (tp,flhrn), Tony Coe (ts,sop,cl), Paul Buckmaster, Colin Walker (ampfd celli), Gordon Beck, John Taylor, Stan Tracey (keybds), Ron Mathewson (b,b-g), Tony Levin (d), Trevor Tomkins (perc).
Sonnet*/Shall I Compare Thee*/Charade For The Bard*/Alas Sweet Lady*/Will's Birthday Suite (Heyday/Dirge: Fear No More The Heat Of The Sun/Fool Talk/Heyday - Reprise)*.
(*Vocalion 2CD set - Will Power: A Shakespeare Birthday Celebration In Music)

The record detailed below was the last record that Beck made in the UK under his own name for eight years. It is a tour de force with Beck playing acoustic and electric piano, ring modulator, synthesizer percussion and Fender. It did not sell well and it is almost impossible to locate a copy now...
Gordon Beck - November, 1976 (One for the road) - Jaguar JR101)
Gordon Beck (p,el-p) solo.
The Beige Bird Beckons/Good Times, Sometimes/Out Of The Shadows Into the Sun/Thoughts/A Place That I Know/Long, Lean and Lethal/What's This/One For The Road/Shhh...!.

From March 13th-18th, 1978 Gordon Beck recorded a solo LP in Paris for the French Owl label. Titled The French Connection it featured him on acoustic and electric piano. The album was not released in the UK.

During June and July, 1979 an LP titled Sunbird was recorded in Paris for the French JMS label. The quartet personnel included: Gordon Beck (p,el-p), Allan Holdsworth (g,el-g) with bass and drums. The album was not released in the UK.

From July 21st to 23rd, 1979 an LP titled Seven steps to Evans was recorded for the German MPS label. The quintet personnel was: Kenny Wheeler (cnt,tp,flhrn), Stan Sulzmann (ts,sop,fl), Gordon Beck (p), Ron Mathewson (b), Tony Oxley (d). The album was not released in the UK.

During December, 1979 and January, 1980 an LP titled The things you see was recorded for the French JMS label. The group was a duo and comprised: Gordon Beck (p,el-p), Allan Holdsworth (g,el-g,voc). The album was not released in the UK.

In February, 1982 Beck recorded two more solo LPs in Paris for the JMS label. One titled The French Connection 2 featured him on acoustic piano, electric piano and organ. The second titled Seasons featured him on acoustic piano only. Neither album was released in the UK.

On July 7th, 1984 the French JMS label made a recording at the Bracknell Festival in England of a quintet with Gordon Beck. It was not released in the UK. The album was titled Celebration. The group personnel was: Stan Sulzmann (ts,sop,fl), Frank Ricotti (vib,perc), Gordon Beck (p), Mick Hutton (b), Steve Arguelles (d).

Helen Merrill & Gordon Beck - 1984 (No tears...No goodbyes - Owl (French)
Helen Merrill (vocal) acc by Gordon Beck.
Title details to follow*.
(*Owl CD - No tears....No goodbyes)

Helen Merrill with Gordon Beck Trio - 1986 (Music Makers - Owl (French)
Helen Merrill (vocal) acc by Gordon Beck, Stephane Grapelli, Steve Lacy.
Title details to follow*.
(*Owl CD - Music Makers)

In July, 1991 the JMS label recorded the Gordon Beck Quartet in New York. The resulting CD was not released in the UK. The CD was titled For Evans Sake. The group personnel was: Gordon Beck (keyboards), Didier Lockwood (vln), Dave Holland (b), Jack DeJohnette (d).

In the mid 1990s Gordon Beck and American sax player Phil Woods recorded a live concert at the Wigmore Hall in London. This was apparently released on a CD but does not appear to be currently available...

Mike Hanson / Gordon Beck - c1995/6 (Do you have a name? - Spotlite)
Mike Hanson (g), Gordon Beck (p).
My Romance*/Pause For Thought*/Hanson Is As Hanson Does*
(*Spotlite CD - Do you have a name?)

Beck, Sulzmann, Laurence, Clarvis - February 24th, 1996 (Once Is Never Enough - FMR CD28-E0496)
Stan Sulzmann (sax,fl) Gordon Beck (p), Chris Laurence (b), Paul Clarvis (d,perc).
Are You Beautiful Too*/Once Is Never Enough*/Little "D"*/Believing Is Seeing*/Wun Tun*/Someone Somewhere*/For Keith*.
(*FMR CD - Once Is Never Enough)

Gordon Beck - May 24th, 1997 (Live at the Bath International music festival)
Gordon Beck (solo piano).
Night And Day*/Come Rain Or Come Shine*/I Love You*/Re: Person I Knew*/Almost There*/California Here I Come*/Some Other Time*/White Line*.
(*Art of Life CD - Reflections)

Peter King Quartet - 1997, Live at the Purcell Room (Janus - Miles Music)
Peter King (as,sop), Gordon Beck (p), Jeremy Brown (b), Stephen Keogh (d) + Lyric String Quartet.
Mr Silver*/Le Sunset*/Ronnie's Sorrow*/Janus (a suite in five movements)* .
(*Miles Music CD - Janus)

Peter King - July, 1998 (Lush Life - Miles Music CD085)
Peter King (as,sop), Gerard Presencer (tp), Stephen Melling, Gordon Beck (p), Steve Hamilton (keyb), Jeremy Brown (b), Stephen Keogh (d) + Lyric String Quartet.
In A Monochrome*/Lush Life*/Tristan's Song*/Lust*/Brazilian Thoroughfare*/Scrambled Eggs*/Spirit Of Ornette*/Prisoner's Song*/Ronnie's Sorrow*/Flying Scotsman* .
(*Miles Music CD - Lush Life)

In West Sussex on January 29th and 30th, 1999 Gordon Beck recorded an album for the French label JMS titled November Song with a quartet comprising: Stan Sulzmann (ts,sop,fl), Gordon Beck (p,synt), Steve Watts (b,el-b), Gene Calderazzo (d). The resulting record was not released in the UK...

Gordon Beck Trio - January 10th, 2003 (Live in Paris)
Gordon Beck (p), Bruno Rousselet (b), Phillipe Soirat (d).
First Trip*.
(*Art of Life CD - Not the last waltz)

July 27th, 2003 (Live at the Appleby jazz festival)
Gordon Beck (p), Bruno Rousselet (b), Phillipe Soirat (d).
Einbahnestrasse*/Miss Day*/Everything I Love*/Not The Last Waltz*/This Heart Of Mine*/Race Against Time*/Blues In G*.
(*Art of Life CD - Not the last waltz)

Gordon Beck Quartet - February 25th and 26th, 2005 (Live in Paris)
Pierrick Pedron (as),Gordon Beck (p), Bruno Rousselet (b), Phillipe Soirat (d).
Backwards Bop*/Gone With The Wind*/JuJu*/Isotope*/Quiet Now*/Solar*/Seven Steps To Heaven*.
(*Art of Life CD - Seven steps to heaven)

Gordon Beck Trio - July 31st, 2005 (Live at the Appleby jazz festival)
Gordon Beck (p), Jeremy Brown (b), Tony Levin (d).
Solar*/With A Heart In My Song*/For P-J*/The Old Country*/Appleby Blues*/Gone With The Wind*/California Here I Come*.
(*Art of Life CD - Appleby Blues)

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