Eddie Thompson discography...
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Eddie Thompson discography...
Eddie Thompson Pianist Eddie Thompson was born in London in1929. He attended the same school for the blind (Linden Lodge, Wandsworth), as George Shearing and was introduced to jazz through listening to the family radio and listening to Fats Waller, Earl Hines, and especially Art Tatum.
By 1947 he was part of the London jazz scene and was able to supplement his jazz income, always precarious, with a career as a piano tuner.In the late 1940's he recorded with Johnny Dankworth and a very young Victor Feldman. In 1949 he played at the Paris Jazz Fair with Carlo Krahmer band and worked for a time with Victor Feldman's Sextet. He had his own quintet and trio during the early 1950s and also worked with Tony Crombie, Vic Ash, Ronnie Scott and Tommy Whittle (1957/8). At the end of the 1950s he again had his own trio and quintet. He was pianist at Ronnie Scott's 1959-60 and also did solo work at the Downbeat Club, London during 1960 before emigrating to the USA in 1962. He secured a residency at the Hickory House between 1963-67 and made many musical friendships including Duke Ellington, Erroll Garner, and Thelonious Monk.
Thompson returned to the London area in 1972 for regular BBC Jazz Club gigs, and he recorded for the German BASF label and Doug Dobell's 77 label. He led his own group during the mid 1970s for a residency at the Jazz Cellar in Stockport and led his own trio as well as playing regularly at the Pizza Express in London. He was a frequent first choice for accompanying visiting US musicians until the mid 1980s.

He was at home playing mainstream or bop and possessed a prodigious technique and the ability, when he felt it necessary, to drop into the style of his heroes Garner, Peterson, and Nat Cole.
Although blind he travelled to evening work in London clubs by the Underground, and also to clubs throughout the UK. Due to a lifelong smoking habit, he developed emphysema which contributed to his early death in November, 1986.

Recollections from Derek Sheinwald who knew Eddie for many years and played drums at times for him...
"Eddie, (rest his soul), was a very funny person and tended to disapprove of people who could not accept his blindness as his "normal" situation, and never understood why people shouted at him - "I'm blind in the eyes not the ears" he would say. I was often the fall guy for his humour - "I read a book last night" he would say, "that's nothing, so did I" was my line - "what? under the covers with the lights out!" would be his response. Of course I would receive dirty looks from all present not realising that we had a rehearsed act of similar quips. I remember the first time I drove Eddie home, he unlocked the door and marched into the kitchen, "I'll put the kettle on for coffee" he said. The room was in darkness and the curtains closed, crash ,bang wallop, as I collided with all of the furniture. "Oh I,m sorry, I forgot you can see, I'll put the light on".
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In December, 1970 Eddie recorded a trio album in Villangen, West Germany titled "Piano mood" It was issued on MPS, a German label and was issued in the UK... "Piano mood" was originaly entitled "Out of sight" (typical of Eddie's acute sense of humour) but the record company was worried about political correctness and altered the title.

I would drive him home some late evenings and he would turn his head as if to look at me - "You look tired" he would say "shall I drive?" He was so convincing you could forget for the moment that he was having me on. Eddie had a Ronson Variflame lighter, I used to buy the small cigars -Hamlet- that we both enjoyed as a change from cigarettes. I would peel the cellophane covering (Eddie found that difficult wthout breaking the cigar) and put it in his mouth, like a flash he would have the lighter out and do what he knew upset me, his practice was to place the flame on his left index finger and guide it to his cigar or cigarette.the result was that his finger was black from years of this practice, although he insisted that he could not feel it as by now all nerve endings were destroyed, it still upset me but worse still he would then hold the still burning flame pointing in my direction to offer me a light. I never did beat him to the draw."

"Eddie always wore a waistcoat, 4 pockets, Jacket 3 pockets, Trousers 2 pockets. why? Ha'penny- Penny - Theepenny piece - sixpence - Shilling - Florin - Half Crown - Ten shilling note - Pound note. each distributed in order that when purchasing (for example drinks at a bar) he could offer exact money and not hold his hand out for change which if not given carefuly could scatter. After his sojourn in America I had not seen him for some 12 or 13 years. I attended Ronnie Scott's for a benefit evening (I forget who was the recipient) and saw Eddie sitting on a stool at the bar. I sat down next to him asked the barmen for two cigars, peeled one then squeezed Eddie's arm as he had taught me to, "I've just peeled a cigar and I will put it in your mouth" - "thanks Dave" he replied. "How did you know who I was?" I asked - "how did you know who I was" he replied - "I recognised you" was my response - "so I'm not allowed to recognise you?" he questioned."
"Sound was Eddie's whole life and I should not have been surprised that even after all that time he would know everybody by voice. I took him home one Guy Fawkes night, he placed indoor Fireworks in the Piano and lit them. The resulting sounds and reverberations were quite amazing. He asked me "Why do you have fireworks" - "to see all of the pretty colours I explained". "Yes, and these sounds are my pretty colours".
"I was fortunate to have attended a good school and receive an excellent education. The things I learned from Eddie were just as valuable in life. I hope this gives you some little insight into the man behind the musician..."

Victor Feldman Quartet - February 17th, 1948 (Esquire)
Johnny Dankworth (clt), Eddie Thompson (p), Bert Howard (b), Victor Feldman (d).
Mop Mop^*#/Ladybird*#/Quaternity*/Moonlight in Vermont*/Gone With The Wind*.
(*Charly/Esquire 4 CD box set - bebop IN BRITAIN - issued in 1991 currently only available second hand...)
(#Hallmark CD - Basement Bop - British jazz in the 1950s)
(^Salvo 4CD Box set - I Hear Music - A Celebration of the Life and Work of Cleo Laine & John Dankworth)
(^Proper Records 4CD Box set - Jazz in Britain 1919 - 1950)

Eddie Thompson Trio - c1954/55 (Columbia)
Eddie Thompson (p), Ashley Kozak (b), Dave Shaw (d).
It Don't Mean a Thing/Don't Take Your Love From Me.

Vic Ash Quartet - January 3rd, 1955 (Columbia SEG7634 (JMC13)
Vic Ash (cl), Eddie Thompson (p), Bill Sutcliffe (b), Allan Ganley (d).
Jeepers Creepers*/Blue Jeans*.
(*Vocalion CD - Jazz Today - Buddy Featherstonhaugh, Harry Klein and others)

'In Town' Jazz Group - January 9th, 1955 (Decca LF1217)
Dizzy Reece (tp), Johnny Rogers (as), Kathleen Stobart (ts), Eddie Thompson (p), Jack Fallon (b), Don Lawson (d).
I've Got You Under My Skin/I Can't Get Started/Good Queen Bess/52nd Street Theme.

Vic Ash Quartet - February 3rd, 1955 (Polygon JTE100) (JMC14)
Vic Ash (cl), Eddie Thompson (p), Barry Hamilton (b), Benny Goodman (d).
Cocktails For Two*/I Hear Music*/Body And Soul (Vic Ash out)#.
(*Vocalion CD - Jazz Today - Buddy Featherstonhaugh, Harry Klein and others)
(#Vocalion CD - Jazz Today - Piano Moods)

Eddie Thompson Trio - March 17th, 1955 (Polygon JTE101)
Eddie Thompson (p), Bill Sutcliffe (b), Allan Ganley (d).
Perdido*/Rose Room*.
(*Vocalion CD - Jazz Today - Piano Moods)

Vic Ash Quartet - October 20th, 1955 (Columbia SEG7634) (JMC13)
Vic Ash (cl), Eddie Thompson (p), Bill Sutcliffe (b), Benny Goodman (d).
I Got It Bad/Love Me Or Leave Me.

Eddie Thompson Trio - November 29th, 1956 (Nixa NJE1030)
Eddie Thompson (p), Cedric West (g), Jack Fallon (b).
Mobile*/Everything Happens To Me*/I've Got A Pocket Full Of Dreams*/Lever's Leap*.
(*Vocalion CD - Jazz Today - Piano Moods)

Kenny Graham's Afro Cubists - February 25th, 1957 (Presenting Kenny Graham - Nixa NJL12) (JM0258)
Jo Hunter (tp), Jackie Armstrong, Laddie Busby, George Chisholm (tb), Kenny Graham (ts), Don Honeywell (bs), Dick Katz (vln), Eddie Thompson (p,org), Sammy Stokes (b), Frank Holder (cga).
Olwen's Dream*/I'll Get By*^.
(^Castle 3CD box set - Too Hot - The Best of British Mainstream Jazz)
(*Vocalion CD - Presenting Kenny Graham)
(*Real Gone Jazz 4CD set - Kenny Graham - Four Classic Albums, plus bonus EP and tracks)

Tommy Whittle Quartet - July 11th, 1957 (HMV)
Tommy Whittle (ts), Eddie Thompson (p), Brian Brocklehurst (b), Jackie Dougan (d).
The Finisher/Cabin In The Sky.

Tommy Whittle Quartet - September 26th, 1957 (HMV) (JM0658)
Tommy Whittle (ts), Eddie Thompson (p), Maurice Salvat (b), Jackie Dougan (d).
Day By Day/Laura/Love Is The Sweetest Thing/Just Squeeze Me.

Kenny Baker's Half Dozen - October, 1957 (Nixa NJT509 )
Kenny Baker (tp), George Chisholm (tb), Bruce Turner (as), Eddie Thompson (p), Lennie Bush (b), Phil Seamen (d).
Act One, Scene One*. (Other titles on this LP by others).
(*Castle 3CD box set - Too Hot - The Best of British Mainstream Jazz)

Eddie Thompson Trio - January 20th, 1958 (Vox VX1450)
Eddie Thompson (p), Arthur Watts (b), Jackie Dougan (d). (1)Add Tubby Hayes (vib) and Johnny Scott (f).
Underneath The Arches*/There's A Lovely Lake In London*/Chelsea Bridge*/Limehouse Blues*/Passport To Pimlico#*/Nelson's Column*/A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square(1)#*/London Pride(1)#*/ A Foggy Day(1)#*.
(#Jasmine CD -Tubby Hayes - London Pride)
(*Acrobat CD - London Piano - Eddie Thompson and Dave Lee)

from TAP24 Eddie Thompson Trio - May, 1958 (Tempo TAP24 & Ember EMB3303)
Eddie Thompson (p), Arthur Watts (b), Andy White (d).
Eddification#/Three For 3/4/Three Cuban Heels*/Blue Whistle/Theme For Nica#/Watch For The Light/Eddie Blows The Blues/Contemplation.
(*Ember CD - The Best Of British Jazz featuring the stars of the British modern jazz scene from the 1950s and 1960s)
(#Fantastic Voyage 2 CD set - Ember Jazz - The Flamingo Connection)

Eddie Thompson Trio - May, 1958 (Ember)
Eddie Thompson (p), Arthur Watts (b), Andy White (d).
Moveable*/Just Play*.
(*Fantastic Voyage 2 CD set - Ember Jazz - The Flamingo Connection)

Eddie Thompson Trio - June, 1958 (Tempo TAP24)
Eddie Thompson (p), Ken Sprang (b), Jackie Dougan (d).
After The Ball Is Over/Thompson Bell

Tommy Whittle Quintet - July 17th, 1958 (Saga)
Tommy Whittle (ts), Harry Klein (bs), Eddie Thompson (p), Ken Sprang (b), Jackie Dougan (d).
You Stepped Out Of A Dream*/Dearly Beloved*/Poinciana*/Broadway*.
(* Acrobat CD - Tommy Whittle Quintet - Complete recordings 1958 - 59)

Tommy Whittle Quintet - May, 1959 (Tempo TAP27 and Ember EMB3305) (JM0760)
Tommy Whittle (ts), Harry Klein (bs), Eddie Thompson (p), Ken Sprang (b), Jackie Dougan (d).
Lady Bee*/Howl*^/Lullaby*/Twelve By Five*/New Horizons*/Blues In The Dark*/Heard And Seen*^/Mine Still*/Loving Man* (not on records).
(* Acrobat CD - Tommy Whittle Quintet - Complete recordings 1958 - 59)
(^Fantastic Voyage 2 CD set - Ember Jazz - The Flamingo Connection)

Eddie Thompson Trio - June, 1959 (Tempo TAP27)
Eddie Thompson (p), Ken Sprang (b), Jackie Dougan (d).
Mine Still/Lovin'Man.

Eddie Thompson Trio - December 30th, 1959 (BBC Transcription)
Eddie Thompson (p), Bill Sutcliffe (b), Terry Lovelock (d).
People Will Say We're In Love*/Just In Time8/Three For, Three Four*/Will you Still Be Mine*.
(*Vocalion CD - BBC Rare transcription recordings (1959-60) Volume Two)

The album detailed below was recorded in New York but appears to have only been issued on a little known English label...
Eddie Thompson Trio - 1962 (A jazz portrait of Eddie Thompson - Regina RS299)
Eddie Thompson (p), Lewis Berryman (b), Ron Lundberg (d).
Cherry*/Shepherd's Pie Time*/How Are Things In Glocca Morra*/Mood For Teachers*/I Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry*/Baby Mine*/Home Brew*/Bread For Ed*/Chili Con Carne*/State Occasion*.
(*Hep CD - Eddie Thompson In The USA)

Eddie Thompson - July 28th and 29th, 1970 (By myself - 77 Records LEU 12/39)
Eddie Thompson (p).
Love Me/By Myself/At Long Last Love/Willow Weep For Me/Doing It/Sweet Georgia Brown/Robbin's Nest/Fine And Dandy/Then I'll Be Tired Of You/Little Susie/Memphis In June.

In December, 1970 Eddie was introduced to one Siegfried Mohr in a cafe. Moir proposed that he should record some tapes for Mr Brunner-Schwer of MPS. Recordings were made in studios in Villingen, Germany. Eddie was very impressed with the piano, particularly the treble register and rich sounding bass. One number written by Eddie was "One Mohr Time" dedicated to Siegfred. In the notes on the LP sleeve Eddie tells us that all the numbers were recorded in one take; the tape was left running throughout the session. Eddie goes on to say "The naming of this selection of tracks "Eddie Thompson Out of Sight" was my idea. When issued in Europe it was called "Piano Moods" a nothing title if ever there was one. I don't know the reason for the rejection of the original title! If people really feel that way then I say T.S. It is nice to know that in this country at least BASF have the courage of my convictions. (Ian Rose) Two LPs were recorded by a trio with Tony Archer (bass) and Terry Jenkins (drums). Titled Piano mood and No greater love they were issued on MPS, a German label and were not issued in the UK...

Eddie Thompson - USA, 1975
Eddie Thompson (p).
All Too Soon*/Dancing On The Ceiling*/Laura*/St. Louis Blues*/Liza*.
(*Hep CD - Eddie Thompson In The USA)

Eddie Thompson and Danny Moss - 1976 (Misty...and Moody - One-Up/EMI OU2116)
Danny Moss (ts), Eddie Thompson (p,el-p) .
These Foolish Things/you Go To My Head/Buff's Blues/Passing Strangers/Autumn In New York/Blue And Sentimental/The Midnight Sun/Misty.

Eddie Thompson Trio - February 3rd, 1976 (Ain't She Sweet - Hep CD2002)
Eddie Thompson (p), Pete Morgan (b), Martin Drew (d).
Just Friends*/I've Got The World On A String*/Wave*/Why Don't You Do Right*/When Lights Are Low*.
(*Hep CD - Ain't She Sweet)

In 1976 Thompson recorded a trio album in Leiden, Holland. Titled Dutch Treat it was issued on Riff, a Dutch label and was not issued in the UK...
Eddie Thompson Trio - June 28th, 1976 (Dutch Treat)
Eddie Thompson (p), Jacques Kingma (b), Ted Easton (d).
I Hear Music/Ja-da/Sweet Sue Just You/Perdido/Scheveningen Blues/Mean To Me/The Honeydripper/If I Had You .

Elaine Delmar - October 2nd, 3rd 1976 (World WRS 1004)
Elaine Delmar (vcl) acc by: Tony Coe (sop,fl,ts), Eddie Thompson (el-p), Doug Wright (d).
Basin Street Blues/Mountain Greenery/More Than You Know/Don't Get Around Much Anymore/Stardust/I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues

Eddie Thompson Trio - September 23rd, 1978 (Ain't She Sweet - Hep 2002)
Eddie Thompson (p), Len Skeat (b), Martin Drew (d).
Surrey With The Fringe On Top*/Cool Blues*/Ain't She Sweet*/You Are My Sunshine*/Easy Does It*/One Morning In May*/Nancy*/There Is No Greater Love*.
(*Hep CD - Ain't She Sweet)

Benny Waters Quartet - March 29th, 1979 (Bouncing Benny - Camelia C12-3)
Benny Waters (cl,as,ts), Eddie Thompson (p), Peter Ind (b), Derek Hogg (d).
Three Little Words/Hogg's Blues/Here's That Rainy Day/Who's Sorry Now/Poor Butterfly/Benny's Bouncing Blues.

Eddie Thompson Trio - Mansfield, 1980 (The Besendorfer Concert - Hep2102)
Eddie Thompson (p), Peter Stables (b), Pete Taylor (d).
On Green Dolphin Street*/The JAMFs Are Coming*/Baubles Bangles And Beads*/Corcovado*/Autumn Nocturne*/Satin Doll*/Robbins Nest*/Sweet Georgia Brown*/Isn't She Lovely#/Here's That Rainy Day#/But Not For Me#/Blues For Big Jim#/Ellington Medley#/Easy To Love#.
(*Hep CD - The Besendorfer Concert 1980)
(#Hep CD - The Besendorfer Concert 1980 - Vol. 2)

Eddie Thompson Trio - March 23rd, 1980 (When lights are low - Hep 2007)
Eddie Thompson (p), Roy Williams (tb-1)Len Skeat (b), Jim Hall (d).
The Lamp Is Low*/Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now*/Never Say Yes*/When Lights Are Low*/Don't Stop The Carnival*/I've Got The World On a String*/Mister Bojangles*/Fred*/It Never Entered My Mind (1)*.
(*Hep CD - When lights are low)

Eddie Thompson with Roy Williams - March 23rd, 1980 (Something wonderful - Hep 2015)
Eddie Thompson (p), Roy Williams (tb).
It Never Entered My Mind* (alternate take to Hep 2007).
(*Hep CD - Something wonderful)

Roy Williams with the Eddie Thompson trio - May 16th, 1981 (Something wonderful - Hep 2015)
Roy Williams (tb), Eddie Thompson (p,synt), Len Skeat (b), Jim Hall (d).
Something Wonderful*/I'm Comin' Virginia*/The folks Who Live On the Hill*/Ind's Out*.
(*Hep CD - Something wonderful)

Roy Williams with the Eddie Thompson trio - July 22nd, 1981 (Something wonderful - Hep 2015)
Roy Williams (tb), Eddie Thompson (p), Len Skeat (b), Jim Hall (d).
Like Someone In Love*/Isn't It Romance*/Cheek To Cheek*/I'm Getting Sentimental Over You*.
(*Hep CD - Something wonderful)

Benny Waters - January 30th, 1982 (Birthday Album - Camelia BW1)
Kenny Baker (tp), Roy Williams (tb), Benny Waters (cl,sop,as,ts,arr), Eddie Thompson (p), Paul Sealey (g), Len Skeat (b), John Cox (d).
Marie/It's Wonderful To Be In Love.

January 30th, 1982 (Birthday Album - Camelia BW1)
Benny Waters (cl,sop,as,ts,arr), Eddie Thompson (p), Paul Sealey (g), Len Skeat (b), Kenny Clare (d).
Don't Blame Me/The Man I Love.

Eddie Thompson Trio - recorded at the Bestwood Hotel, May 24th, 1982 (The 1982 Concert - Hep 2094)
Eddie Thompson (p), Len Skeat (b), Jim Hall (d).
The Breeze And I*/Pennies From Heaven*/Drop Me Off In Harlem*/I Want To Be Happy*/Shadow Of Your Smile*/Moten Swing* (piano only)/Autumn Leaves* (piano only)/C Jam Blues*/I Got Lost In His Arms*.
(*Hep CD - The 1982 Concert)

Eddie Thompson Trio - October 19th, 1983 (Memories of you - Hep 2021)
Eddie Thompson (p), Len Skeat (b), Jim Hall (d).
C Jam Blues*/Rosetta*/Memories Of You (two takes)*/Misty*/Paris Mambo*/Round Midnight (two takes)*/Love Will Find A Way (two takes)*/Satin Doll*.
(*Hep CD - Memories of you)

Review: "These two live records, made in Southend on a 1984 British visit, are wonderfully light and swinging, as if the tenor were an alto in [Robinson's] hands. Volume 1 has the edge for a couple of ethereal ballads and the swing which is piled into 'Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone'. Vivid location recording." The Penguin Guide To Jazz On CD, ...
Spike Robinson with Eddie Thompson Trio - 1984 (At Chester's - Hep 2028)
Spike Robinson (ts), Eddie Thompson (p), Len Skeat (b), Jim Hall (d).
S'wonderful*/Flamingo*/Emily*/I'm Getting Sentimental Over You*/I Should Care*/Ow!*/Everything Happens to Me*/Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone*.
(*Hep CD - At Chester's Volume 1)

Spike Robinson with Eddie Thompson Trio - 1984 (At Chester's - Hep 2031)
Spike Robinson (ts), Eddie Thompson (p), Len Skeat (b), Jim Hall (d).
You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To*/Emily*/East Of The Sun*/But Beautiful*/Way You Look Tonight*/Skylark*/I'm Beginning To See The Light*/That's All*.
(*Hep CD - At Chester's Volume 2)

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