Three guitarists...
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The guitarists...
Included below: Terry Smith, Jim Mullen, Ike Isaacs, Cedric West, Stan Watson

Terry Smith
Born in London in May, 1943 Terry Smith started playing the guitar from the age of sixteen. Gigs at the Bull's Head followed where he worked with Roy Budd, Tony Archer and Trever Tomkins. His first big name jazz work came with Ronnie Scott's Big Band in 1967. He became Musical Director for the Walker Brothers, a popular pop group of the 1960s. He worked alongside Mike Carr in the late 1960s and then had a long spell with sax player Dick Morrissey.
By 1970, he was co-leading the jazz-rock group If with Morrissey. This group had developed out of a band formed in 1968 and they were very popular in the USA. They made frequent visits and recorded seven albums for Atlantic Records. He toured around the world with this group until it disbanded in 1974 when he and Morrissey moved to Sweden.
Returning to London in the late 1970s he freelanced working with Mike Carr, Don Weller, Pete King and others and was often with Tony Lee's Trio in the 2000s. he made frequent broadcasts for the BBC but remains a largely unknown and unappreciated figure on the British jazz scene with few jazz records to his name...

Terry Smith - August 22nd,1968 (Fall out - Philips SBL7871)
Terry Smith (g) acc by: Kenny Wheeler, Greg Bowen, Les Condon (tp), Don Lusher (tb), Ray Warleigh (f,as), Bob Efford (ts), Ronnie Ross (bs), Gordon Beck (p), Jim Lawless (vib), Ron Mathewson (b), Ronnie Stephenson (d), Denis Lopez (perc), Jimmy Deuchar (arr).
My Man's Gone Now*/I Love You*/Harry's Theme*#/Early Morning Groove*/Fall Out*.
(*Sunbeam CD - Fall out)
(#Rhythm and Blues Records 4CD set - The Songbook Harry South)

Terry Smith - October 28th,1968 (Fall out - Philips SBL7871)
Kenny Wheeler (tp,flhrn), Tony Fisher, Derek Watkins (tp), Don Lusher (tb), Roy Willox, Ray Warleigh (f,as), Bob Efford (ts), Gordon Beck (p), Jim Lawless (vib), Terry Smith (g), Ron Mathewson (b), Ronnie Stephenson (d), Peter Aherne (perc), Harry South (arr).
Morning Minor*/The Look Of Love*/Windows Of The World*.
(*Sunbeam CD - Fall out)

Tony Lee / Terry Smith - March, 1977 (British Jazz Artists, Vol 2 - Lee Lambert LAM002)
Tony Lee (p), Terry Smith (g), Tony Archer (b), Martin Drew (d).
Isn't She Lovely/Willow Weep For Me/Grooveyard/Dat's Dat/You're Gona Hear From Me/All Blues/Para Mi Hijo (TS solo).

Jim Mullen
Guitarist Jim Mullen was born in Glasgow, Scotland in November, 1945 and started playing guitar at the age of ten. Changed to the double bass at fourteen but returned to the guitar in 1963. After gigging and working in glasgow he moved to London in 1969. He began working with Dick Morrissey in 1976 and they worked together in the USA with the Average White Band and with Herbie Mann. On his return to the UK he co-led a popular group with Dick Morrissey through to 1985 and although he formed a new band in 1986 he continued to do Morrissey-Mullen re-union engagements through to the late 1980s. He continued to work through the 1990s with various groups and did a lot of freelance work through to the 2000s and continues to work with his own and other groups and is still active at the time of writing (2010). Many of Mullen's records have been made in the company of Dick Morrissey but, sadly, none of his work before 1993 is currently available on CD.

Jim Mullen & Dick Morrissey - c1977 (Up - Embryo SD536)
Dick Morrissey (fl,ts), Malcolm Duncan (sax), Pat Rebillot, Roger Ball (keyb), Jim Mullen, Onnie McIntyre (g), Hamish Stewart (g,backing vocal), Alan Gorrie (b), Steve Ferrone (d), Sammy Figueroa, Rafael Cruz (perc), + backing singers on some tracks.
Footloose/Sing Me Softly Of The Blues/Everything Must Change/Philip Phuling/What A Way To Go/You'll Know What I Mean/Busted Fender.

Dick Morrissey/Jim Mullen - c1979 (Cape Wrath - Harvest SHSP4098)
Dick Morrissey (sop,ts), Max Middleton (keyb), Jim Mullen, Robert Ahwai (g), Kuma Harada (b), Richard Bailey (d), Tony Carr (perc), + strings.
Lovely Day/Cape Wrath/Bristol Boogie/Return To Tooting Broadway/Soul Eyes/Song For Caria/Dreams So Real/Night Song.

Mike Carr Trio - 1979 (Live At Ronnie Scott's - Spotlite SPJ517)
Mike Carr (org,el-p,), Jim Mullen (el-g), Harold Smith (d,vcl).
Claremont Avenue/Teach Me Tonight/Shaw 'Nuff/It's Impossible/Footloose.

Dick Morrissey/Jim Mullen - c1980 (After Dark - Coda 2)
Dick Morrissey (ts), Barry Withworth (tp-1,flhorn-2), John Critchinson (p,el-p), Jim Mullen (g-3), Ron Mathewson (b), Martin Drew (d).
I Wont Last A Day Without You/March On (1)(3)/They Say It's Wonderful (2)/Pili Pili/The Way We Were (3)/Running Out Of Time (3)/Lou Grant (3)/Change Partners.

Dick Morrissey/Jim Mullen - 1981 (Badness - Beggars Banquet BEGA27)
Dick Morrissey (ts,sop,fl), John Critchinson (keyb,synth), Jim Mullen (g), Clive Chaman (b), Chris Ainsworth (d), Chris Fletcher (perc), Linda Taylor (vcl).
Do Like You/Dragonfly/Stay Awhile/Blue Tears/Badness/Pass the Music On/Slipstream.

Dick Morrissey/Jim Mullen featuring Carol Kenyon on vocals - 1982 (Life on the wire - Beggars Banquet BEGA33)
Dick Morrissey (ts,sop,fl), John Critchinson (keyb), Danny Schogger (synth), Jim Mullen (g), John McKenzie (b), Tony Beard (d), Chris Fletcher (perc), Carol Kenyon (vcl).
Life On The Wire/Takin' Time/Face Of A Child/Come And Get Me/Brazil Nut/Ships That Pass In The Night/Making Waves/Running Out Of Time.
(*Vocalion CD - Morrissey Mullen - Life on the wire & It's about time)

Jim Mullen - April 8th,9th,10th, 1983 (Thumbs up - Coda CD4)
Guy Barker (tp,flhrn), Chris Hunter (as,ts,fl), Colin Dudman (el-p), Damon Butcher (synt), Jim Mullen (g), Mitch Dalton (rhythm-g) Joe Hubbard (el-b), Neil Wilkinson (d), Chris Fletcher (perc).
Blue Montreaux/Fall/As If You Read My Mind/Crepescule/Thumbs Up/Herbole Scent/Friends/Beauty And The Beast.
(Coda CD - Thumbs up)

Dick Morrissey/Jim Mullen - 1983 (It's about time... - Beggars Banquet BEGA44)
Dick Morrissey (ts,sop), Damon Butcher (keyb), Jim Mullen (g), Joe Hubbard (b-g), Neil Wilkinson (d), Chris Fletcher (perc), Tessa Niles (vcl), + Chris Hunter, Guy Barker (brass), Jess Bailey (keyb), Gavin Wright (strings).
Stop And Look Around/It's About Time../Ounce Of Bounce/So So Fine/Ol' Sax And Captain Axe/Bladerunner/Why Does It Always Happen To Me?/I Pull the Strings/Do I Do/Above The Clouds.
(*Vocalion CD - Morrissey Mullen - Life on the wire & It's about time)

Dick Morrissey/Jim Mullen - 1985 (This must be the place - Coda 15)
Dick Morrissey (ts,sop), Peter Jacobsen (keyb), Jim Mullen (g), Trevor Barry (b), Neil Wilkinson (d), Chris Fletcher (perc), Noel McCalla (vcl).
(Titles not known).

Dick Morrissey/Jim Mullen - Recorded live at Barton's Arms, Birmingham, 1986 (Live at Jazz Club Friday - Rare Music CD)
Dick Morrissey (ts), Jim Mullen (el-g), Chris Bolton (b), Tony Levin (d).
Alfie*/Too Late Now*/St. Thomas*/Au Privave*/Uncle Bob*.
(*Rare Music CD - Live at Jazz Club Friday)

Dick Morrissey/Jim Mullen - 1988 (Happy hour - Coda 29CD)
Dick Morrissey (ts,sop,fl), Peter Jacobsen (keyb), Jim Mullen (g), Trevor Barry (b), Neil Wilkinson (d), Chris Fletcher (perc).
(Titles not known).
(Coda CD - Happy hour)

Irene Reid - April 19th, 1989 (The Lady from Savannah - Birdland MC589)
Irene Reid (vcl) acc by: Dick Morrissey (ts), Mike Carr (org), Jim Mullen (g), Mark Taylor (d).
I'm Walkin'/S'posin'/Dont Get Around Much Any More/Easy Living/Over the Rainbow/I Get A KickOut Of You/That Old Black Magic/Yes Sir! That's My Baby/Here's that Rainy Day/Blow Top Blues/That's The Way It Is/Million Dollar Secret/Alright, Okay, You Win.

Peter King - Dick Morrissey - Jim Mullen - July 12th, 1989 - (Perfect Pitch - Spotlite)
Peter King (as), Dick Morrissey (ts), Jim Mullen (g), Brian Dee (p), Mario Costronari (b), Bobby Worth (d).
Down Home*/Milestones*/Body And Soul*/With You I'm Born Again*/I'm Walkin'*.
(*Spotlite CD - Perfect Pitch).

In 1990 Jim Mullen recorded a CD titled Into the 90s for the Six Strings label with Mornington Lockett among the musicians. It is not known what the titles recorded were...

Guy Barker Extravaganza - July / August, 1991 - (Isn't It? - Spotlite SPJ CD545
Guy Barker (tp), Jamie Talbot (sop), Peter King (as), Nigel Hitchcock (as,ts), Julian Joseph (or Stan Tracey) (p), Jim Mullen (g), Alec Dankworth (b), Clark Tracey (d).
Isn't It?*/Sheldon The Cat*/Day And Night*/I Get Along Without You Very Well*/Good Speed*/In A Mist*/Amandanita*/All Or Nothing At All*/Lament For The black Tower*.
(*Spotlite CD - Isn't It?)

Jim Mullen Quartet - December 1st & 2nd, 1992 (Soundbites - EFZ1003)
Dave O'Higgins (ts), Jim Mullen (g), Laurence Cottle (b), Ian Thomas (d).
Don't Ask*/Famous Last Words*/Mr. Fonebone*/Soundbites*/Strayhorn*/Raspberries*/Three Wishes*/Straight And Narrow*/fingerprint*/Evidence*.
(EFZ CD - Soundbites)

Mike Carr Quartet and Trio - March 31st, 1993 (Good Times & The Blues - Cargogold Productions)
Mike Carr (org), Dick Morrissey (ts), Jim Mullen (el-g), Mark Taylor (d).
Good Times*/Blues For Mr B.*/The One That Got Away*/Harlem Waltz (DM out)*/Battery Blues*/Mexican Samba*/Freedom Song*/Viva Victor (DM out)*/The Baron Of Bop*/Theme For Cliff*.
(*Cargogold Productions CD - Good Times & The Blues)

Jim Mullen Quartet - August, 1994 (Rule of thumb - EFZ1012)
Dave O'Higgins (ts), Jim Mullen (g), Laurence Cottle (b-g), Ian Thomas (d).
Rule Of Thumb*/Shelflife*/Speed Of Sound*/Nova Scotia*/Spare Change*/Best Before*/Say No More*/Skid*/Power Of Three*/Four Eyes*.
(EFZ CD - Rule of thumb)

Jim Mullen Quartet - January 14th, 1996 (We go back - EFZ1018)
Jim Mullen (g), Gareth Williams (p), Mick Hutton (b), Gary Husband (d).
Born To Be Blue*/Ritha*/My Foolish Heart*/Medication*/I Fall In Love Too Easily*/Paris Eyes*/Darn That Dream*/Outeractive*/Smart Money*/One Finger Snap*.
(EFZ CD - We go back)

Joe Temperley Quartet - May 24th and 25th, 1998 (With every breath - HepCD2073)
Joe Temperley (bs,sop,b-cl), John Pearce (p), Dave Green (b), Martin Drew (d) with Jim Mullen (g).
Blue Monk*/Skye Boat Song*.
(*Hep CD - With every breath)

Jim Mullen continued to record into the 2000s. There are three CDs with The Organ Trio on the Dancing Duck label and a quartet album recorded in 2002 titled Somewhere in the Hills on the Hep label. These are currently (2010) available...

Elaine Delmar - March, 2005 (Ev'rything I Love - EDC 2)
Elaine Delmar (vcl) acc by: Brian Dee (p), Jim Mullen (g), Alec Dankworth (b), Allan Ganley (d).
(Thirteen titles).
(Joy Records CD - Ev'rything I Love)

Elaine Delmar - March, 2005 (Strike Up The Band - EDC 3)
Elaine Delmar (vcl) acc by: Brian Dee (p), Jim Mullen (g), Alec Dankworth (b), Allan Ganley (d).
(Seventeen titles).
(Joy Records CD - Strike Up The Band)


Ike Isaacs
Born in Rangoon, Burma in December 1919 he played in the 'Jive Boys' before moving to India during the war where he undertook war work and some broadcasting before moving to Britain in late 1946. He played regularly on the BBC radio programme 'Guitar Club' between 1955 and 1958. He was best known for his work with Ted Heath from 1956 until 1966 and he recorded with Heath on numerous dates through this period. Not all were jazz records and his solo opportunities were limited. He moved to Australia in 1981 and wrote many articles and instruction books for the guitar, before his death in Sydney in January,1996.
His first jazz records were with Ralph Sharon in 1952 but these have never been re-issued and in 1956 he recorded with Kenny Baker, George Chisholm, Alan Clare and Martin Slavin. In 1958 he was with Stan Tracey on the pianists 'breakthrough' album. In 1966 he recorded the only jazz album under his own name for the UK Morgan label. In November 1968 he recorded with Barney Kessel in a two guitar quintet format. During 1974/5 he toured extensively with, and recorded with Stephane Grappelli as part of the Diz Disley Trio. He made a number of records in Australia from 1982 until 1993.

George Chisholm and his Orchestra - March 23rd, 1956 (Decca LK4147)
George Chisholm, Ken Goldie (tb), Bertie King (as), Derek Collins (ts), Alan Clare (p), Ike Isaacs (g), Joe Muddel (b), Phil Seamen (d).
Blue's For Two's*#/'Deed I Do*/Lazy River*#.
(*Vocalion CD - "Chis" The Art of George Chisholm)
(#Retrospective CD - George Chisholm The Gentleman of Jazz - A Centenary Tribute)

Alan Clare Quartet - November 10th, 1956 (#Decca LK4180, other on DFE6380)
Alan Clare (p), Ike Isaacs (g), Lennie Bush (b), Allan Ganley (d).
Satin Doll#/Walk Easy#/Lullaby In Rhythm*.
(*Vocalion CD - The Alan Clare Trio - Jazz Around The Clock)
(#Vocalion CD - Third Festival of British Jazz - 1956)

Stan Tracey - May 1st, 1958 (Vogue VA160130)
Stan Tracey (p,vib), Ike Isaacs (g), Kenny Napper (b), Phil Seamen (d).
Over The Rainbow*/Surrey With The Fringe On Top*/The Best Thing For You*.
(*Jasmine CD - Stan Tracey - Little Klunk and Showcase)
(*Avid 2 CD set - Stan Tracey: Three Classic Albums Plus)

Stan Tracey Quartet - June 18th, 1958 (Vogue VA160130)
Stan Tracey (p,vib), Ike Isaacs (g), Johnny Hawksworth (b), Ronnie Verrell (d).
I've Got Five Dollars*/But Not For Me*/Love Is*/Mad About The Boy*.
(*Jasmine CD - Stan Tracey - Little Klunk and Showcase)
(*Avid 2 CD set - Stan Tracey: Three Classic Albums Plus)

Ike Isaacs - 1966 (Morgan MR116)
Leon Calvert (tp,flhrn), Ray Swinfield (fl,saxes), Bill Le Sage (vib), Ike Isaacs (g), Spike Heatley (b), Barry Morgan, Art Morgan (d).
After Hours/Paris Fashion/Reflections At Dusk/Blushing Bride/Just Funky/Blues Espagnol/Dream Sequence/Two Way Favourite/The Second Of April/Sad September.

Barney Kessel Quintet - November, 1968 (Hair is Beautiful - Polydor 583725)
Steve Gray (or Kenny Salmon (org), Barney Kessel, Ike Isaacs (g), Tony Campo (el-b), Barry Morgan (d).
Ten songs from the musical show 'Hair'.

Cedric West
Born in Rangoon, Burma in 1919 he played in the 'Jive Boys' with Ike Isaacs in 1940 before moving to India in 1942 where he joined the American bandleader Teddy Weatherford. He made a number of records with Weatherford and began to double on trombone before briefly returning to Burma in 1945 prior to moving to Britain in late 1947. He worked with Leslie 'Jiver' Hutchinson in 1949 and returned to India in 1951 with Revell Terry before returning to Britain in 1952. After leading his own band he became a free-lance session player and worked for BBC orchestras in the 1960s and '70s. He continued to free-lance regularly into the 1990s mostly in Essex and sometimes co-led a quartet with Dave Cliff. He died in Essex in October, 1997.
He recorded mainstream sessions between 1954 and 1956 with the groups of Kenny Baker, Bertie King, Bruce Turner, Al Fairweather and with pianist Eddie Thompson. his final recording was with Shake Keane in 1962.

Kenny Baker and Jazz Today Unit - February 21st, 1955 (Polygon JTL2, JTL1*)
Kenny Baker (tp), Keith Christie (tb), Bruce Turner (as), Jimmy Skidmore (ts), Harry Klein (bs), Dill Jones (p), Cedric West (g), Frank Clarke (b), Eric Delaney (d). Joe Harriott (as) and Bertie King (as) added on*
That's The Blues Dad/Blues In Threes*.
(*Castle 3 CD box set - Too Hot - The Best of British Mainstream Jazz)
(*Giant Steps CD - Killer Joe: Birth Of A Legend)

(*Vocalion CD - Kenny Baker & The Jazz Today Unit - Operation Jam Session)
(*Proper Box 4CD set - The Joe Harriott Story)

Bertie King Jazz Group - April 6th, 1955 (Polygon JTL5)
Kenny Baker (tp), George Chisholm (tb), Bertie King (as,cl), Harry Klein (bs), Dill Jones (p), Cedric West (g), Frank Clarke (b), Eddie Taylor (d).
Blues In My Heart#/Blue Lou*#/Once Upon A Time#.
(*Castle 3CD box set - Too Hot - The Best of British Mainstream Jazz)
(#Vocalion CD - Kenny Baker & The Jazz Today Unit - Operation Jam Session)

Jazz Today Unit - April 20th, 1955 (Nixa NJE1006) (JMC11)
Kenny Baker (tp), George Chisholm (tb), Vic Ash (cl), Bertie King (as), Jimmy Skidmore (ts), Harry Klein (bs), Dill Jones (p), Bill Le Sage (acc), Cedric West (g), Frank Clarke (b), Eddie Taylor (d).
Symphony In Riffs (part 1)*/Symphony In Riffs (part 2).
(*Castle 3CD box set - Too Hot - The Best of British Mainstream Jazz)

Eddie Thompson Trio - November 29th, 1956 (Nixa NJE1030)
Eddie Thompson (p), Cedric West (g), Jack Fallon (b).
Mobile*/Everything Happens To Me*/I've Got A Pocket Full Of Dreams*/Lever's Leap*.
(*Vocalion CD - Jazz Today - Piano Moods)

Shake Keane Quintet - 1962 (Piccadilly 7N35034)
Shake Keane (flhrn), unknown (ts), Eddie Palmer (org,claves), Cedric West (g), Chris Staunton (b), Phil Seamen (d).
Ruanda (1)/Nursery Blues.

Stan Watson
(Many thanks to Richard Watson, brother of Stan, who has supplied the biographical information below. Richard has set up a comprehensive tribute to Stan on Wikipedia... )
Guitarist Stan Watson was born in Ottawa on September 20, 1926. His Parents, both English, met and married in Ottawa. The family returned to England in 1933 settling in Palmers Green North London. Here he met Denny Termer a pianist. Along with another friend who he met when they were 13, drummer Laurie Morgan, they formed the Rhythm Racketeers with Don Rendell on alto sax.
A relative of Denny's, Hal Moss, violinist and impresario, had a show on the road called "Scandals and Scanties" and after the outbreak of WWII the boys, being only 15-16yrs old, were drafted into the show to replace musicians who had been called up. Their first professional outing being at the Hackney Empire then other variety theatres round the country.
In the early forties Stan Laurie and Don were part of Marian McPartlands ENSA/USO group touring the American Bases in the UK. Stan and Don then joined Duncan Whytes orchestra playing at the Savoy Hotel in London.
At this time the nucleus of what was later to become the vanguard of British be-bop were meeting and jamming in small clubs and sometimes each others houses, influenced by the music the American servicemen were bringing over. After the war the clubs and cafes in Archer Street in Soho, London were becoming the meeting places for musicians to socialise and pick up work, which Stan as a typical jobbing musician did, picking up work and deputising for other musicians. The area was also the breeding ground for the burgeoning interest in jazz with musicians jamming in the clubs after hours and honing their be-bop skills.
In 1954 Stan recorded four tracks on Esquire records with Victor Feldman before Feldman emigrated to the US. He then lived in Spain for six years studying under Segovia and other masters including Pablo Casals. He retuned to England in 1960 and continued to work in London. He appeared on the LP 'Friends and Love' with Chuck Mangione recorded in Rochester NY in 1970 and in 1971 recorded a second LP with Mangione titled "Together". Stan died in 1978.

Victor Feldman Quartet - March 19th, 1954 (Esquire)
Victor Feldman (vib), Stan Watson (g), Lennie Bush (b), Freddie Manton (d).
Evening In Pakistan/Kashmir/Harem Scarem/Pakistan.

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