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Included below: Terry Brown, Al Newman, Wilton Gaynair, Pete Pitterson, Albert Hall
Terry Brown
Terry Brown was born in Islington in north London in 1928. He was playing the trumpet at the age of thirteen and was playing local gigs at the age fourteen. In 1945 he joined Johnny Claes when he was only sixteen years old.
During the next few years he worked with a string of top name bands including Harry Roy and Tony Crombie. When the first bebop records arrived in Britain Terry was swept along by the sounds of the new jazz and idolised the playing of Fats Navarro. He was the trumpet player in the original Johnny Dankworth Seven in the spring of 1950. In 1951 he was with Ralph Sharon and Teddy Foster before joining Kenny Graham in August, 1951. He led a band of his own from October, 1951 until the spring of 1952. Short of bookings this proved to be a financial disaster When it folded he again worked with Ralph Sharon, Kenny Graham and Harry Hayes. For the next few years he freelanced in the London jazz clubs, including working with the Harry Klein Quintet in 1953 and the Joe Harriott Quintet and Don Rendell in 1957. After a spell with Bruce Turner's Jump Band up to October, 1958 he left full time playing to become a successful recording manager. Brown's only recorded modern jazz was a somewhat disappointing session with Kenny Graham although in the late 1950s he did record with Bruce Turner's Jump Band

Kenny Graham's Afro-Cubists - October 8th, 1952 (Esquire)
Terry Brown (tp), Kenny Graham (ts), Ralph Dollimore (p), Bruce Swain (b), Dicky Devere (d) + maracas, conga and bongo.
Boom*/Barbados*/All The King's Horses*/Peanut Vendor*.
(*Real Gone Jazz 4CD set - Kenny Graham - Four Classic Albums, plus bonus EP and tracks)

Terry Brown (1952)
Terry Brown (1952)
Working for the Philips/Fontana record company he was the man behind all of the Tubby Hayes albums for Fontana including Mexican Green and 100% Proof. He died from cancer in May, 1996.

Al Newman
Clarinet and saxes player Al Newman was born in Palestine in March, 1929. He moved to England in 1953 to study at the royal college of Music and gigged with many dance bands as well as Tony Crombie (1960). He led his own group on BBC radio from1960 to 1978 and broadcast and recorded with Tubby Hayes, Ronnie Ross, Tony Kinsey, Ted Heath, Johnny Dankworth, Kenny Baker, and many others.
He worked with visiting US musicians including Dizzy Gillespie and Stan Getz as well as singers Ella Fitzgerald and Lena Horne. He spent eight years in Los Angeles playing for TV, films and in the studios before returning to the UK in 1986, where he continued to gig into the 2000s.
His recorded jazz legacy is small but he can be heard on dates from 1956 and 1960 detailed below. Through the 1960s he recorded with the big bands of Johnny Dankworth, johnny Keating, Bill Russo and John Scott as well as briefly with Tubby Hayes and George Chisholm.

Martin Slavin Septet - December 6th, 1956 (Nixa NJE1028)
George Chisholm (tb), Al Newman (cl), Martin Slavin (vib), Ken Jones (p), Ike Isaacs (g), Bill Sutcliffe (b), Derek Price (d).
Ace In Space/After You've Gone/Sweet Georgia Brown/A Smooth One#.
(#Castle 3 CD box set - Too Hot - The Best of British Mainstream Jazz)

Tony Crombie Orchestra - December 30th, 1959 (BBC Transcription)
Leon Calvert, Les Condon (tp), Al Newman (cl,as), Bobby Wellins (ts), Harry Klein (bs), Stan Tracey (p), Kenny Napper (b), Tony Crombie (d).
East Of The Sun*/Baby Blue*/Summertime*/Time's A-Wastin' (theme).
(*Vocalion CD - BBC Rare transcription recordings (1959-60) Volume Two)

Tempo TAP30 was titled "Jazz Inc. - Swinging Music in The Modern Manner". Although acclaimed by musicians, fans and several leading critics, the orchestra on this record performed for just seventeen weeks during 1959. Commercially, the band could be said to have failed, but musically it was a triumph.
Tony Crombie Orchestra - January 6th, 1960 (Tempo TAP30)
Leon Calvert, Les Condon (tp), Al Newman (cl,as), Bobby Wellins (ts), Harry Klein (bs), Stan Tracey (p), Kenny Napper (b), Tony Crombie (d).
Caravan*/Boo Bah*/Lullaby*/Reelin*/Li'l O'l Pottsville*^/Jamba* (as Jammin' on #)/I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart*/Summertime*.
(*Jasmine CD - Tony Crombie - Jazz Inc)
(#Ember CD - Tony Crombie - A Tribute)
(*Avid 2 CD set - Stan Tracey: Three Classic Albums Plus)
(^Giant Steps 2CD set - Soho After Dark 'London's '50s Modern Jazz Scene')

Wilton 'Bogey' Gaynair
Wilton Gaynair was born in Jamaica in the West Indies in January, 1927, he learned to play the tenor saxophone in Jamaica and studied in Germany before coming to play in London in 1959. He made a classic record for Tempo in 1959 which has been re-issued , before returning to Germany where he played for many years with Kurt Edelhagen's Orchestra. A further Tempo record session with Shake Keane from 1960 has just been re-issued on CD. He suffered a stroke in the 1980s which left him unable to play and he died in Germany in February, 1995.

Wilton "Bogey" Gaynair Quartet - August 26th, 1959 (Tempo TAP 25) (JM0460)
Wilton "Bogey" Gaynair (ts), Terry Shannon (p), Kenny Napper (b), Bill Eyden (d).
Wilton's Mood*#/Deborah*/Joy Spring*/Rhythm*/Blues For Tony*/The Way You Look Tonight*/Gone With The Wind*+.
(*Jasmine CD - Blue Bogey)
(+Acrobat CD - British Modern Jazz Singles, EP tracks & Rarities 1960 - 62)
(#Giant Steps 2CD set - Soho After Dark 'London's '50s Modern Jazz Scene')

Wilton "Bogey" Gaynair/Shake Keane Quintet - 1960 (Tempo, unissued)
Shake Keane (tp), Wilton "Bogey" Gaynair (ts), Terry Shannon (p), Jeff Clyne (b), Bill Eyden (d).
Africa Calling*/Kingston By Pass*/Blue Ghana*/Way You Look Tonight*/Just For Jan*/Rianyag*.
(*Candid CD - Africa Calling)

Pete Pitterson
Trumpeter Pete Pitterson was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1921, moving to Britain in 1946 to join the big band of Leslie 'Jiver' Hutchinson. He went to Sweden with Hutchinson and later established himself in London leading the band at the Sunset on Carnaby Street. He also played at the Fullado Club and broadcast with Jack Fallon's Band. In the late 1940s he played with Ivor Kirchin, toured with Vic Lewis and had a couple of stints with the renowed Tommy Sampson Band, and again with Leslie 'Jiver' Hutchinson. In 1950 he was with the Leon Roy Big Band, a star studded line up that played the music of the Dizzy Gillespie big bebop band. In 1951 he made his name radio debut as a guest with pianist Eddie Thompson on the BBCs Jazz for Moderns. He introduced Joe Harriott to his first British audience at the Conway Hall, but despite a Gillespie inspired fleetness he failed to gain a wider reputation. In the early 1950s he went back into dance band work, sometimes leading his own group which during a year in Birmingham broadcast on the BBC. He had a spell with Ambrose at other times freelancing. Glaucoma forced him to retire from playing in the late 1980s and he died at the age of 73 in 1994.

Pete Pitterson's West Indians - late 1951 (Esquire)
Pete Pitterson (tp) with others unknown + The Sepia Five vocal group.
Lets Go a-Huntin'/Mango Time/Ball Game/West Indian Folk Music.

Buddy Pipp's Highlifers - Autumn, 1954 (Lyragon J730)
Buddy Pipp (cga), Pete Pitterson (tp), Joe Harriott, Bruce Turner (as), Oscar McKay (p), Denny Wright (g), Joe Sampson (b), Tony Kinsey (d), Alf Hayward (perc).
Akee Blues*.
(*Giant Steps CD - Killer Joe: Birth Of A Legend)
(*Proper Box 4CD set - The Joe Harriott Story)


Albert (Al) Hall
Trumpeter Albert Hall was born in South Wales in September, 1929 and by the age of fifteen was playing with top London dance bands. He played with name bands including Teddy Foster, Jack Jackson and Billy Ternent before joining Tito Burns in 1948 as bebop began to take off in Britain. He recorded with Burns until 1952 but sadly, these recordings have not been re-issued. Spells followed with Jack Parnell (1952), Ambrose (1952-54) and Eric Delaney (1954-57), then briefly with Buddy Featherstonhaugh and Kenny Baker before undertaking session, TV and radio work. Through the 1960s and '70s he worked in the trumpet section of dance bands such as Joe Loss and the Don Lusher Big Band as well as, in 1966, the Harry South Big Band. His best bebop trumpet work was recorded for the US market with Aces Annonymous when probably for the first time, he got the opportunity to play with first rate jazz musicians. Although often recorded in big band trumpet sections his recorded jazz legacy is small. He died in January 1980 at the early age of fifty.

Tito Burns Septet - June 7th, 1949 (Decca)
Al Hall (tp), Jimmy Chester (cl,as), Rex Morris (ts), Tito Burns (acc), Ronnie Price (p), Frank Donnison (b), Derek Price (d), Terry Devon (vocal).
Bebop Spoken Here/I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles/The Hucklebuck/September In The Rain.

May 23rd, 1950 (Decca)
Personnel as June 7th, 1949 except Johnny Hawksworth (b) replaces Donnison.
Lullaby In Rhythm/Sloppy Joe.

Tito Burns and his Sextet - July 12th, 1951 (Esquire)
Albert Hall (tp), Jimmy Chester (as,bs), Rex Morris (ts), Tito Burns (acc), Ronnie Price (p), Coleridge Goode (b), Derek Price (d), Terry Devon (vocal).
A Lesson In Bop*/Festival Hall*#/The Old Music Master/Breaking Point.
(#Giant Steps 2CD set - Soho After Dark 'London's '50s Modern Jazz Scene')
(*Charly/Esquire 4 CD box set - bebop IN BRITAIN - issued in 1991 currently only available second hand...)

August 10th, 1951 (Melodisc)
Personnel as July 12th, except that Don Savage (as,ts) replaces Chester.
I Can't Get Started/Elora/Pino Colada/Euphoria.

January 9th, 1952 (Melodisc)
Personnel as August 10th, 1951.
Adios/Just One Of Those Things/Over A Bottle Of Wine/Undecided.

Jack Parnell and his Orchestra - October 28th, 1952 (Parlophone PMD1053)
Jimmy Deuchar, Albert Hall, Jo Hunter (tp), Mac Minshull, Ken Wray (tb), Derek Humble (as), Ronnie Scott (ts), Pete King (ts,bs-cl), Harry Klein (bs), Max Harris (p), Sammy Stokes (b), Jack Parnell, Phil Seamen (d).
Catherine Wheel^#/The Champ^*/Summertime^.
(*Giant Steps Records CD - Great Scott)
(^Vocalion CD - Trip to Mars / Parnell On Parade)

(#Giant Steps 2CD set - Soho After Dark 'London's '50s Modern Jazz Scene')
(*Proper Records 4CD Box set - Ronnie Scott "Boppin' With Scott")
(^Avid CD - Jack Parnell: Two Classic Albums plus Two Eps)

Aces Anonymous or Mike Nevard's Melody Maker All Stars - May 13th, 1954 (The Cool Europeans - MGME3157)
Don Rendell (ts), Johnny Dankworth (as), Albert Hall (tp), Ralph Dollimore (p), Johnny Hawksworth (b), Allan Ganley (d).
Deep Purple*/Rhumblues/I'll Remember April/Amalgam/Two Sleepy People.
(*Avid 2 CD set - Cleo Laine & John Dankworth: Three Early LPs & More)

Aces Annonymous or Mike Nevard's Melody Maker All Stars - May 15th, 1954 (New sounds from Olde England - Blue Note BLP5052
John Dankworth (as), Don Rendell (ts), Harry Klein (bs), Albert Hall (tp), Ralph Dollimore (p), Johnny Hawksworth (b), Tony Kinsey (d).
Quick Returns*/Crystal/I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket(1)/Jazz Club USA/Nom De Plume/Epigram.
(*Avid 2 CD set - Cleo Laine & John Dankworth: Three Early LPs & More)

Frank Horrox Quintet - c1959 (Jazz Session - Embassy WEP1038)
Albert Hall (tp), Don Rendell (ts), Frank Horrox (p), Jeff Sothcott (b), Don Lawson (d).
After You've Gone/Deep Purple/Just You, Just Me/How About You.

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