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Other Esquire 78 rpm records...
All Esquire modern jazz was issued with the 10- or 12- prefix number but there was another series prefixed 5-. These were 10 inch 78rpm discs and were classified as 'light music'. Of the 100 or so titles released about 30 were by Esquire's contracted jazz stars. This listing has been taken from an Esquire catalogue dated July 1956. Not all numbers have been accounted for. Further details including band personnels are available by clicking on the links, where shown, just make a note of the date and titles and look them up in the discographies. The date shown is the recording date...

5-005 Johnny Dankworth Seven 29/7/50 Sam's song (vcl Marion Williams) / The haunted ballroom Dankworth
5-010 Johnny Dankworth Seven 14/10/50 Don't blame me (vcl Frank Holder) / Lament and wild dance Dankworth
5-018 Vic Lewis Orchestra 27/2/51 Just one of those things (vcl Marion Williams) / Thinking of you Lewis
5-019 Vic Lewis Orchestra 27/2/51 Rhapsody in blue (part one) / Rhapsody in blue (part two) Lewis
5-023 Johnny Dankworth Seven 27/4/51 Blue moon (vcl Alan Dean) / So in loveDankworth
5-024 Vic Lewis Orchestra 7/5/51 Be my love / Tea for two (vcl Marion Williams) Lewis
5-029 Vic Lewis Orchestra 27/2/51 Deed I do (vcl Marion Williams) / You go to my head Lewis
5-030 Johnny Dankworth Seven 27/5/51 Marching through Georgia / Stardust Dankworth
5-042 Alan Clare 9/6/51 There's a small hotel / Lover Clare
5-052 Johnny Dankworth Seven 8/11/51 Lush Life / Mr and Mrs Mississippi (vcl Cleo Laine) Dankworth
5-053 Pete Pitterson's West Indians with the Sepia Five (vocal group) c1951 Let's go a-huntin' / Mango time
5-054 Alan Clare 24/11/51
You go to my head
5-055 Johnny Dankworth Seven 17/12/51 It's no sin (vcl Cleo Laine) / Wedding of the painted doll Dankworth
5-057 Alan Clare 24/11/51 Caprice Viennois /The swan Clare
5-058 Pete Pitterson's West Indians with the Sepia Five (vocal group) c1951 Ball game / West Indian folk music
5-060 Johnny Dankworth Seven 4/3/52 I've got you under my skin (vcl Frank Holder / The very thought of you (vcl Cleo Laine) Dankworth
5-061 Cab Kaye with the Gerry Moore Trio 1/3/52 Don't never stop lookin' / Everything I have is yours Kaye
5-063 Johnny Dankworth
with strings
6/5/52 I never knew (vcl Kathran Field) / Down Memory Lane (vcl Kathran Field)
5-065 Cab Kaye with the Gerry Moore Trio 1/3/52 If I could hold you / Hypnotized Kaye
5-066 Johnny Dankworth
with strings
6/5/52 Belle of the ball / Someone to watch over me
5-069 Cab Kaye with the Norman Burns Quintet 17/5/52 Night and day / Oh lady be good Kaye
5-079 Cab Kaye with the Norman Burns Quintet 17/5/52 Pennies from heaven / More than you knowKaye
5-088 Ronnie Scott Orchestra 13/4/53 Have you heard (vcl Johnny Grant) / Indian summer

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